Thailander Phad Keemao
Thailander Phad Keemao  
Thailander Phad KeemaoThailander Phad Keemao
Thailander Phad Keemao
Code : L11 * Phad Keemao
Brand : Thailander
Name : Phad Keemao
Price :  9.00 USD      
Detail :
Thai wide rice noodles stir-fried with broccoli, carrot, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, egg, onions, bell peppers, and homemade spicy sauce.

(Chicken, Pork, Tofu ..... $9), (Beef, Shrimp, Squid ..... $11), (Seafood $13)
More Information :

Thailander Phad Keemao

We need more detail..!!
How Spicy would you like? NO SPICY AT ALL
* CHIC (Mild)
** CHILL (Medium)
*** CHILLI (Hot)
**** CRAZY HOT (Original Thai Spicy)
Gluten Free I want Gluten Free
Vegeterian Vegan Dish (Egg is fine)
** Vegan Dish (No Egg)
I need to add $1 to substitution for ** (For Menu Soup and Salad won't come with Steamed Rice) Brown Rice
Steamed Noodle
No, I think Steamed Jasmine Rice is great now

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